fake crack cocaine; i.e. soap shavings, rock salt, etc.

anything that resembles crack cocaine and can easily be sold to brain-dead addicts
you got riped, that's some gank man
by smackelope March 11, 2005
Means to Grab and go
I ganked your car!!!
by Fud<--- the man in charge July 31, 2004
Gank To be killed by more than one person in a video game.
C0pKill4 and L33tb0n3z just ganked Joe!
by JoeBlow May 30, 2004
1. to steal
2. interjection, when you steal something
1. I ganked his wallet
2. "Gank!"
by billy underhill November 16, 2003
To be a bad ass. Play by your own rules.
i keep it GANK.

"what are you doing?" "Keeping it GANK!!!"

sharkman never keeps it Gank.
by MR BIG111 March 19, 2010
A world pvp kill in world of warcraft. Stands for GAY ASS NIGGER KILL. Usually used when refering to a sinereo when there is an unfair advantage with the opposing faction. This could be when you are attacked while in combat with a mob, or attacked by multiple players at once.
I just got ganked by an ally pally.
by davorz May 31, 2009
replaces any and every verb necessary. Can also be used to express extreme emotion.
"Gank ya later"... "that Zumba class was Gankalicious"... "stop ganking around"... "shut the gank up"... "AWE GANK"
by CUPCAKE-DUH February 24, 2009

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