gunky sort of skank...the nastiest sort of woman anyone has ever seen
say andy fool, lay off that gank!!!
by ajay March 01, 2005
Although Gank also is when someone on a high level on WoW kills someone on a low level this is a different meaning. A Gank is when you give someone a facial with poo.
Sabrina enjoys a good ganking
by Tittisaurus September 16, 2010
Describes something of a low quality/nasty, often related to marijuana.
Leo bought some gank weed.

Man that weed is gank!

Yo, that's gank...
by Dan Touds May 05, 2010
To steal something or shoplift.
I was at the store and my friend said gank some gum.
by AKSsandman February 24, 2010
To take, swiftly, quickly and probably illegally.
I ganked this neaklace from Polly because she never wore it anyway.
by L.S. Lee December 11, 2009
To steal, whether it be in a sneaky fashion, or right in front of the previous owner. There is also no intent to return the "ganked" item.

Slang for gank and used equally as often: "Gack"
Person 1: "Dude, I want that kids' baseball bat."

Person 2: "Well, what are you waiting for? Gank it!"
by 1bram4 August 27, 2009
some really bad powder, or cocain.

when a dealer puts unknown substances in cocain, either to get a better profit or to make it more addicting.

usually makes you act or feel crazy

not pure
"man sold me some gank, im a bust heads when i come down"

"this gank sh!t got me feelin psycho"

"ya boi got you on some harsh gank"
by animalistic_instincts August 06, 2009
Taking, without permission, a handsome fellow's Korean food.
He wasn't looking so I ganked some bulgogi from his stone dish.
by senor.fisher March 06, 2013

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