The shape that someone's crooked teeth make.

The nickname given to someone who really needs braces.
Dude's teeth are so fucked up, they're throwing up gang signs.
by Uwish4Trish March 16, 2009
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a sign one makes with their hands in representation of what set or hood they are from
see dat fool,dont he know he shouldnt be throwin them signs up round hurre
by fo shizzo my nizzo December 31, 2004
A serious case of cerebral palsy that (those with the disease) find fellow cerebral palsy victims (or idiots who will easily follow them) and create a "gang", thus making their embarrassing disease look tight as shit or dumb as hell.
Hood Rat #1: YO NIGGA CHEK DIS SHIT OUT! *cerebral palsy kicks in*


Thus, a gang and gang sign is born.
by BeccaQuinlan January 18, 2009
A gesture made with the hands to signify what gang and set youre from. gang signs can get you killed if you do them in the wrong part of town.
some little wanksta came up in herre throwin up the rollin 60s gang sign and we blasted his lil ass.
by Angelacia May 24, 2007
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