origin; hindi

alternate spellings; ghando, gaando

lit. meaning; a guy that searches for ass

mean; homosexual, fag. can also be said by a person of gujarati decent (in this case it would simply mean stupid).
1. elton john is a gando.

2. kazaa is a big-time gando.
by mr x December 23, 2004
A boy or a man who offers his ass hole for fucking.
A term commonly used in sub continent - India, Pakistan
He needs a dick for his ass hole, he is a gando.
by opo khan November 15, 2009
the one who invole in anal intercourse
by Anonymous August 02, 2003
An indian boy. gando is a indian word.
Nad is Gando
. he sucks alot of dicks. so h is a gando
by Umz November 27, 2007
u fuckin gay
run up to a police man and shout gando
by ian the sex king May 17, 2004
The act of deleting a series of high level characters or accounts on a mmorpg.
darius pulled a gando last week, now hes level 1 again.
by Tigger_TR January 03, 2005

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