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Ganal, also known as gaynal, is a combination of gay and anal that refers to two men having anal sex with each other.
In simpler terms, gay anal sex.
"I heard Tim and Steve got together last night and had hardcore ganal."
"Really? I thought Tim was having ganal with Rob."
by Layne B May 18, 2008
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A version of homosexual intercourse in which one man sticks his cock into another man's ass crack.
Wow. I'd love to give Brad Pitt some ganal!
by Dirtyboy69 July 10, 2008
adj., a mix between gay and anal, basically means you're the ultimate gay man
That Horne kid is so ganal!
by Jim Yamato December 11, 2003
is the act of having gay anal sex
Justin gets ganal sex every night
by mflack January 19, 2011
Ganal is something really gay. Ganal is a combination of gay and anal. It is a verb like "I just ganaled Guerrero".
Jordan Smith ganals people 'cause he's gay

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