Geordie slang meaning 'to go'
gan down the town

gan up the biggy
by Dave W May 14, 2004
Noun (n.) : Gay ass nigga
Daniel's comment made him look like a gan.
by Deeznuts226 May 29, 2016
Goofy Ass Nigga Syndrome- A syndrome that affects those who act, look, or sound goofy or who think they are black. There is no know cure for GANS and it is know to be contagious.
The guy over there has a bad case of the GANS.
by BJ Wang February 22, 2011
weed from afghanistan, its good shit
That gan is good shit.
by perpetualdreamer April 24, 2005
a Taiwanese Saying of "Drop Your fione panties and stir me up some PaiGooFan!"
"GAN wo da Pi Goo" Please fuck me in da butt!!
"Gan Ni Ma" Fuck JO mama!
by TaCaL May 15, 2003

Often used instead of Dan.
"Hahaha, GAN!" - Andrew
"GAN!" - Blake
"Awwww... shucks, I am a GAN, aren't I..." - Dan
by XAnonymous September 13, 2012
A substitution word for any curse word.
What the gan is wrong with you?!
by CourtneyChaos:] May 02, 2010
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