Used as "what the heck" originated from potter puppet pals Ron's disease phrase "Yes I am a android. A gay Android
1. What the gan is that suppose to mean
by K & J productions October 13, 2009
Noun; Replaces any person, place, or thing in a sentence. This is typically used in a sexual context
I blew my gan all over this chick's face.
by Ian26 June 15, 2008
Twisted spanish-english term for "Willpower". In spanish, it's "Ganas"; filtered through english, becomes "Gans" (pronounced Ganz).
-"Hey Selin, how about we go to the Museum?"

-"Sorry, don't have the gans"
by Miljenko May 31, 2005
cum; the act of cumming
im about to Gan all over the place.
by quenton January 21, 2008
Small town in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Place where most people have nothing better to do with their lives than ride their lawnmowers around on the roads, often engaging in races. Eventually will be the site of the "John Deere 500".
I almost hit a kid on a lawnmower while I was driving through Gans.
by BMill July 05, 2005
Goof A$$ n00b syndrome

That's right. Not up with the l33t sp3@ch?
You've been p0wned.
Hard core.
"oh my! You don't understand my typings?
(insert crying from the unknowing youngin')
by l33ter October 28, 2005
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