pronunciation: game-cyoob

This cool ass gaming console that is only mocked by idiotic freaks that can't even spell playstation and play on a x-box.
Gamecube is the best.
by moofoo April 14, 2003
A great console with great games. Although many people think it isn't as good as XBox or PS2, it's much better. Buy a gamecube if you want some fun, or buy one of the other consoles if you want to see someones head get blown off and see the same repetitive storylines over and over.
Game cube the best console to date!*

*Brain may be required for proper Gamecube play.
by Skankin' Cucumber September 10, 2005
A kick ass system made by the good people at Nintendo! I dunno why so many people hate it. Do they think an XBox will do any better? Seriously, GameCube kicks ass!
Go GameCube!! Down with XCrotch and Gaystation!
by Lieutenant Tarpit July 11, 2004
Best console ever made to date. Seeing as it is a true gaming console, it preforms a lot more effectively than the PS2 or xbox. Put down by posers and retards that are jealous because mommy and daddy didn't get them the right console for christmas. The posers that post badly about this console should really take a look at their gaming life and see how shitty it is.
Guce console to date!
by chri8680 March 03, 2004
A console thats often times referred to as the "kiddy console" Mainly because most of the games are meant for early age groups. Often put down by XBOX and PS2 fans for its lack of games and graphics (in comparison). But we all know that the PC has the best in graphics gameplay and has way more games then any other console. Those who say otherwise either have crappy computers and/or cant use a keyboard and mouse.
PS2 fan: OMG PS2 ROXXX!!!
Game cube fan:GAME CUBE RULEZ!
PC fan: PC owns shut up and get one
PS2 XBOX and Game cube fans: ok...
by Jinto September 04, 2005
A GameCube is a chode that is roughly 6 inches long and 6 inches thick.
Bryan needs to wear special pants to contain his GameCube.

Yesterday, Jenny tore her vagina to take a GameCube.
by aball February 08, 2013
The system that i have. According to my friends its for pussies and little kids. I disagree gamecube has some great games. Residen Evil 4 is the best game for gamecube and was orignally only supposed to be for gamecube. But the stupid PS2 took it. Ive played it on PS2 its not nearly as good as on gamecube. Also Killer7 is on gamecube. Again for PS2 also but still a great game.
Resident Evil 4, along with all the other resident evils, and Killer7 show that Game Cube is not just for preschool 2 5th grade kids
by Co-Captain Jack August 06, 2006
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