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Something people have from being very excited for a video game before it is released.
One week before Halo 3 comes out
Person 1: "ZOMG HALO 3, OMG! I LOVE HALOO!!"
Person 2: Dude put your game boner away
by Aaron Hinkle July 03, 2008
When the excitement of an upcoming video game release is so overpowering it generates feelings of arousal.

Symptoms include: Pre-Orders, calendar reminders, scheduled days off, repetitive trailer watching, rescheduling important life events and the ending of relationships.

If your game-boner lasts more than 4 hours please consult a physician.
Dave: Did you see that trailer for the new Grand Theft Auto? It looks awesome!

Erik: Check my pants bro. I'm sportin' a major Game-Boner.
by GAMEWRECKERS October 17, 2012
A way to measure how excited for a game you are, the bigger the boner, the more excitement.
Watching that new gears of war 2 video totally stoked my game boner
by who cares10101 September 06, 2008

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