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a guy who is said to have more than one girls at one time....(player)
dre's a real galis he's dealing with sasha,chesli,romona and paula
by clevette June 03, 2006
1. In ancient cultures, a very highly regarded person.
2. Intelligent, Smart.
"I was approached by this man, who struck me as being very gali and polite"

"Tales of a Russian Roulette Victim" by H. Coppine
by Milos Seyda May 09, 2008
The ghetto way to say an person who originates from Bangladesh, which is on the Indian Subcontinent. Short for Bengali(ben"gali")
Look at them gali's over there, there so smart.
by Midhul October 28, 2004
referring to a cigarette
from "boutrous" , referring to cigarette "butts"

Boutrous Boutrous Gali
by Bobby Ringo June 05, 2007
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