star wars galaxies a MMORPG based on star wars movies.. setting is right after eps 4 a new hope
I played galaxies for four hours last night and still havent met Luke Skywalker.
by tyno June 23, 2005
Smooth, or Cool
That's so galaxy. That's so gala.
#galaxy #gala #galaxxxy #g-x #gxy
by smooth productions January 20, 2013
Adj. -having high levels of galax.
I have to say that the Andromeda Galaxy is by far the least galaxy galaxy I have ever seen,
#galax #galaxy #galacksy #gallaxy #galakcy
by theklauz December 21, 2009
C5 galaxy is a huge air force cargo plane. its one of the largest aircrafts in the world
whoa thats a huge plane
by me December 04, 2004
Another term given for sexual intercourse or a woman's vagina
I want to explore her galaxy!

Her galaxy has already been invaded by four other galactic explorers
#vagina #pussy #sex #woman #funny #cool
by Ras17 June 01, 2009
The art of a pressed ham where one finishes by shitting on the glass
Mr. Steinbeck was surprised when Jimmy gave him a pressed ham from inside the car, but then was quickly disgusted when Jimmy formed a galaxy
#galaxy #shit #glass #pressed ham #black hole
by somebody named me September 20, 2007
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