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Bitch in arabic
you are a gahba son
by zib August 13, 2003
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bitch in chaldean
ur a gahba
by godfather June 03, 2003
Gahba a word used often in Kuwait (an Arab country) that means Bitch.
Gahba can be also spelled as 'Ga7ba'
Notice the number '7' Arabs use numbers to pronounce letters that are not included in the English alphabet
Basically 7=Ha
a rough 'Ha' as if you were going to choke
You are a Gahba :D

Inta Ga7ba!
(You're a gahba)
by Mightymish July 17, 2010
Gahba means bitch in Iraqi Language, some other countries use this word too, such as Syria, Kuwait, KSA, Lebanon, and UAE.

Gahba = Whore, Slut, Bitch, and prostitute.
ibn al gahba = Son of a bitch
by mkadhimov February 16, 2011
whore in the arabic language.
i hooked up with this gahba the other night.
by silmiya guy August 26, 2011

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