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A person who when in engaging in oral sex with a man, sticks the penis so far into his/her mouth that the penis touches the back of the throat causing the person to gag.
Suzie is a throat-gagger.
Throat-gagging turns me on.
by Ah-EL October 22, 2003
I term used as a derogatory comment towards italian people. It is a combination of the word shit and italian. First heard it written on the wall in a public restroom. Can also be used to describe the country of Italy as Shitaly.
That Giovani is such a shitalian.
All those fucken shitalians can go fuck themselves.
by Ah-El December 24, 2004
Being of the homosexual persuation. A fruit.
You like it up the ass Del Monte?
by Ah-El March 09, 2003
A homosexual, some one who fishes in bums
"That Brain is a bum jigger"
"You bum jigger, get out!"
by AH-EL October 26, 2003
1. A Muslim Sect.
2.A way of saying "Shit" while offending muslim people, but not really swearing.
"The Muslim Shites are cool"
"Oh Muslim Shites I didn't do my homework"
by AH-EL October 26, 2003
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