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To shove a penis down an expecting victoms throat.
"Open your mouth and close your eyes...then you'll get a nice surprise" After party conforms, insert penis. Then yell GAG FACE!!
by angelousvr October 17, 2007
1)a girl who thinks she's scene, but in all reality she's a poseur.
2) a girl who thinks she's cute but really she's really ugly
3)a girl who thinks it's cute to drink with other people's ex and flirt her ugly little head off
4)normally a girl who is sooo skinny if she fell she would break
5)a girl who normally has short hair but then got really horrible,really long extensions
6)gagfaces names are normally always SHELBY
1)"OMG LOOK AT THAT GIRL!! SHE IS SUCH A GAG Face!!!! w/ her hollister shirt tied in the back and skinny jeans. she tries too hard"
2)"EWWWW. Shelby is a GAG Face!"
3)"That girl is such a GAG Face!doesnt she know doing that will get her butt kicked?!"
4)"That anorexic girl is a GAG Face..i kinda feel bad for here. she should be in an institution"
5)"After Britney Spears shaved her had she bacame a GAG Face.
6)"Shelby is the total definition of a GAG Face"
by Mae<3 January 19, 2008
Someone who is so ugly they make you want to vomit.
Kelly Osbourn is such a gag face.
by Judge dredd7 June 12, 2011

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