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A j-rock (arguably considered visual kei, j-pop or j-punk) singer. Many people find him extremely attractive, at least partially to his mysterious, semi-gothic persona and unique, almost soft vocals. Formerly of the band Malice Mizer, he claims to be 400 years old (other estimates place him in his late twenties, early thirties) and frequently changes his image. He's far from attention-shy and neither confirms... nor denies questions about his sexuality- in fact, he encourages them.
'OMGGACK U TOE! GAAAAACKT! GACKT MARRYE MEE! lol so hawt!' - American 'otaku'

'I like this song. Turn it up. It's By Gakuto Camui.' American fan

by Tacklehawg March 17, 2006
An enormously good-looking, gorgeous, eccentric, ingenius Japanese musician and performer whose reputation with anime otaku and video game geeks in general has been sullied by their belief that he is just a pop icon. Oh yeah, and his fan base consists entirely of girls, gay/bi guys, and me.

(Pronounced "Ga-ku-to")
"Isn't Gackt just adorable in the Malice Mizer Bel Air PV?"
by Lance August 19, 2003
Gackt= see sexy or... yeah... sexy
GACKT IS SUPA SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by qwertty June 13, 2008
A beautiful, talented, lovely, amazing bisexual piece of ass-- er, human male. He's a Jrock/pop singer who left Malice Mizer in 1999, people, not 98!!! Get your facts straight. He's beautiful and, er, talented, and, um, lovely. Yeah. He's just all around great. Every awesome adjective ever. Like, totally. Oh, and by the way, his song about sex, Vanilla, is great. Really great.
Gackt is totally not a Japanese Ricky Martin.

Gackt IS totally sexy.

Can i fuck Gackt yet? No? Well, shit.

Can anyone other than Gackt look as good at thirty six years of age?
by Phillipa Donavin March 20, 2010
It sounds cool.
You've been Gack't!
by Tegan June 17, 2004
Japanese Ricky Martin.
Hey man, even if Gackt's the Japanese equivelant of Ricky Martin, I'd still do him in a heart-beat.
by eurofag69 August 24, 2007
Gackt is a Japanese vocalist, much loved by non-Japanese fans worldwide. Often, among non-Japanese fans, liking Gackt is synonymous with being a newbie to the genre. For many, Gackt is a gateway artist; you get your start with him but stop listening to him as they become more aquainted with the genre. In Japan, most people do not like Gackt, they think he is strange.

Gackt first gained popularity as the singer for the visual kei band, Malice Mizer. After he left the band in 1999, his style changed from the dramatic, visual kei style, to a more pop style. Gackt is memorable for his overly "cool" demeanor, having had many plastic surgeries (to look more white; but he looks more like a Final Fantasy character), and his erratic onstage behavior, including crazy dancing and fanservice).
"I'm gonna go get Diabolos, the new Gackt CD!"
"I can't believe you still like him."

Gackt suki desu ka? (Do you like Gackt?)
Gackt? kimochiwarui desu! (Gackt? No, he's weird!)
by Ashurei November 02, 2006