To borrow or steal internet content from another user.
I gacked this meme from lamebrain426.
by florimell August 09, 2003
Very good marijuana bud. A superior strain of cannibus that has been found on display at the cannibus cup at least twice.
I got the GACK y0. y0y0 I'll give you 5 oz. of this gack I just got from vantown for a grand and a blowjob from your gf.
by Seattle (Big A) May 01, 2005
derogatory term for cunt
Get your Gack out!

My Gack smells fishey
by Jacko September 23, 2004
When you fuck your bitch so hard that her pussy makes a farting sound much like the nickelodeon puddy like material "gack"
Yo dude, last night I gacked the shit out of ashley's pussy.
by ScuryJerry January 15, 2006

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