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"Gay for Pay"

when a straight person (usually male) with no true homosexual tendencies or curiosities acts in a m2m or similar gay porn. He is doing it for the money
Marcus: "Dude, did you see that gay porn Andy had on last night?"

Kim: "Yeah. Didn't that guy look like Luke, from school?"

Marcus: "It WAS Luke!"
Kim: "I didn't know Luke was gay!"
Marcus: "Well, he's not really gay. He's g4p. Gay for Pay. I heard he made $5,000 for that movie!"
by SexRobot404 January 10, 2011
G4P™: aka "Gay for Play."

When a nigga aint really gay but he gets girls , that he wouldn't get while straight, by acting gay...

-definition coined by Kevin D.®
straight dude: "Oh this shirt? I got it at the store."

G4P dude: "Oh this? well, guurrrrlll, I got this shirt at H&M, these jeans are True Religions, and the shoes I got at a Buy 1 Get 1 half off sale at the Vans store. Now see I was gonna get them in purple, but they ran out, so I got the pink..."
by BriBri™ November 07, 2010

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