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(jee-snach) abbreviation for ghetto snatch (geht-to snach)
vt. 1. to seize the possession of another quickly and obviously, often while shouting "g-snatch!" 2. to take unlawfully: STEAL (g-snatching; g-snatched; g-snatcher)
n. 1. a quick and obvious seizure of the possession of another; the act of g-snatching. 2. unlawful seizure: ROBBERY
interj. 1. an interjection used by the g-snatcher to announce that he/she is g-snatching.
v1. "Bob g-snatched Fred's wallet right out of his pocket."
v2. "Larry was convicted of g-snatching $10 million from the bank.
n1. "Though he announced it clearly, his g-snatch of the purse went unnoticed."
n2. "Over fifty g-snatches in excess of a thousand dollars have been reported in the past week."
i1. "'G-snatch!' she yelled as she grabbed the note he was reading."
by trogdor the eleventh and a half October 20, 2005
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to steal or take away abruptyly and without asking
I will G-snatch your sandwhich fool!
by Jonas Peterson January 06, 2006
To jack something. Quickly, and obviously from your friend. Often you say "g-snatch" when you take it.
Originated from hijaked, to jacked, the j became a g, and snatch was added. Orioginated in Madison, Wisconsin
*Reaching for Eric's soda* Lynn: I'm just gonna g-snatch that from you! Eric: No way biatch!
by Gwenny December 28, 2005

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