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Another word for homie or good friend
I'd hate to pwn you seeing how you are my g-slice
by Matthew Arrington August 28, 2006
a g slice is a cool homie from da hood. usually know as gansta slice which is when you have a little slice of gansta in ya, bitch. can also refer to when your old lady can thro dat shit down ol' school style.
Anne: what up dawg?
K-tits: ya nigga lets thro dat shit down beezy.
Anne:im not so supafly beezy
K-tits: ya no feelin ya on dat 1. for sheezie my neezie.
Anne: yeah yeah yeah yo beezy i gotta bounce
K-tits: yo nigga we cool as long as yo ass ain't bustin on my bitch. yo feelin me g slice.
Anne: hells yeah we cool.
by bitch aka sarah palin October 24, 2008
A word used by a cracker' imitating or making fun of a black person who talks like a crip.
"Yo my G' Slice what be crackin"...normally said as "Hello my friend, How are things?"
by Daniel Colton September 23, 2006
A group of 1/2 gamer dudes that make fun of preps and eat cookie dough in Life managment. Also badasses on games.
G slices GO!
by Fusion October 02, 2003
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