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A term used to describe someone who's really cool or good-looking. Also see sexy.
Damn, that guy's supafly!
by lowalee September 19, 2003
A woman who is extremely beautiful
You that chick was supa fly when she bounced that badunkadunk through the room
by A K Weikle November 30, 2005
adj.- extremly new and hip. confidently attractive. Sporting new style
Whoah, look at Brendan with those new shoes and hot throwback. He's looking supafly
by Brendan aka Benj June 05, 2004
Supa Fly is a term for high, the state one becomes after smoking pot. This term comes from Portland Oregon, although I have heard it in Seattle.
Supa Fly can also be used as cool, although this is rarely used anymore.
After I smoked that dime bag, I was sooo supa fly I could barely walk.
by Shu February 25, 2005
The term used to describe Matthew L.
Chick 1: Damn hes supafly
Chick 2: Who is that?
Chick 1: That's Matthew!
Chick 2: Your right he is SUPAFLY!!!
by lonestar June 07, 2004
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