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Short for genius-pants or gangster-pants. A nickname for an awesome, funny, sweet, clever, all-rounded person who is willing to help you with anything. Comes first in everything, but their achievements can sometimes get to their head & their ego is sky high. Nonetheless, very awesome.
Hey, g-pants! You're awesome!
by B-PANTS May 04, 2009
1. The way that wannabe gangstas wear there pants. Way low, beneath their booty with their drawers hanging out over the top.
2. The person who wears their pants in the above manner.
ex.1 That fella must think he's in eminems posse with those G pants on.
ex.2 Check out G pants over there, what a poser.
by Franz Dumke September 17, 2007
somone who is tight or a gangsta.
"Yo that guy is the G pants over there".
by Anonomyous January 01, 2004
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