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the term used when u chillen;either wit your niggas or u mad twisted your in a calm state of mind.
g-mack:when you tell some one to chill

g-mackin on the block.
by Dee iz fresh June 20, 2006
89 38

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Chillen, Relaxin, Taking it Easy
Jason: Wassup? Wat you doing?

Corey: Nothing Really. Just g mackin.

by KissKrissi January 14, 2009
22 8
To Be Chillin Just Taking It Easy
Im Just G-Mackin At Home Baby
by NIVLEK23 August 20, 2008
29 22
The particular embarassing style of makin most often utilized by people with red hair and poor mackin abilities.
"That boy will never get none if he keeps G-mackin like that"
by Steve Lucedo October 03, 2004
10 53