Younger person who follows in one's entourage acting as a pupil and personal PR agent. He tells all of your rep and how filthy you are
Inquisiting Person?: And who are you supposed to be?

G-Baby: He's the prince, the one and only, the greatest...
by Kupla-Khan July 22, 2005
Top Definition
this super-fly, awesome upcoming rapper, who likes to get jiggy wit it
he grew up in the mean streets of st pete, and had to resist the temptation that is all throughout the IB program
-i wanna hear G-baby rap, cuz he is so fly
-yeah, G-baby's shit is da bomb
by anonymous February 16, 2005
a bro that chills extra hard on the dankest ish known.

Tom: yo bro whats G-Baby doing tonight?

Chad: i don't know bra, probably ripping blunts and swilling with the mad hurt birds.
by chad hurt so hard March 01, 2009
A guy with a baby face.
He's a true G.
He is always on top of his game.
He know what's up and how to hanle things.
by R&L&C&C March 23, 2009
- maker of cookies
- dui machine
- theta lover
- black and yellow
gbaby was so drunk he hooked up with beth e last night
by duball June 13, 2011
the baby form of jesus
G-baby was born on Christmas in a cradle by Mary.
by Fusia 8 March 10, 2009
A person that has little or no use, but is as loyal as a golden retriever.
Yo G Baby! Get your useless ass over here!
by Pat December 01, 2003
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