wemons undergarments, bottoms. Better if worn by sum hot bizatch
"Damn my nigga, look at dat bitches gstring, yo.Yo...yo..
by Side-Show September 25, 2003
It's yarn, women stick 'em up their be-hinds, go out and wear 'em.
Clair: Mr. Shady, what's a g-string?
Mr. Shady: It's yarn, Clair, women stick 'em up their be-hinds, go out an wear 'em.
Clair: huh?
by Link October 30, 2003
um...... anal floss~
yeah.. um.. dats what it is...
by poopy string September 04, 2004
underwear that that has strings on the sides to hold it together
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
The fourth string on a guitar or bass.
Jeff strummed the G String on his guitar.
by Frenchmansmell March 14, 2015

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