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verb; the power that comes with having excessive amounts of g's, money.
"Did you see that guy rinse out the Lacoste store? That motherfucker's got the g force".
by fivepointsix August 09, 2009
48 8
When you show your computer's bandwidth usage, while transferring over the network, in order to make people think you have a uber connection.
<Falco|LAN> Bandwidth: (Current Downstream: 9301.67kb/s ¤ Current Upstream: 244.95kb/s)
<Falco|LAN> I had to pull a gforce
by Ben64 November 18, 2005
24 8
When you smoke some killer weed, and sit in a comfortable chair, and it feels as though there is some form of suction, or special gravity, keeping you on the chair
"dude, that shit was chronic, I'm GForce'ing my ass off over here."
by Paddymac August 28, 2006
21 8
The ammount of gravity multiplyed by two put on your body.
while in the jet he pulles a G-force of 4
by Pimpjuice21891 December 15, 2003
19 11
The New York Giants are commonly called the G-Men... and their fans are called fans.. From this day on, you can thank Captain AWESOME for creating a name for all of the New York Giants fans and supporters. Because the fans and supporters are huge part of the success the franchise has enjoyed over the years they deserve an AWESOME name too. One that complements and mirrors G-Men, one that says .. We are strong.. We help create this momentum and the forward acceleration of this AWESOME team.. We will from this day on be known as G-force.. We support the G-Men
Oh man, I went to the sports bar last night and I gotta tell you, the G-Force was strong last night!! Everyone in there was a Giants fan and it was loud and they are a proud group.. I'm glad to be a G-force
by Captain AWESOME October 27, 2013
3 0
A term used to sound theoretically smart and intelligent when explaining something that involves unexplainable science.
Q: I don't understand how this ride works!

A: It must be G Force!
by KabbalahMonster May 31, 2014
2 0
Determines your level of highness/ quality of your weed.

1-2g's; red eyes and giggling
3-5g's; when it feels like the couch is eating you.
6-7g's; hard to walk, if you can even get to you feet or move.
8-9g's; An amazing moment when the floor or a patch of grass is the best napping place because you can't make it to the bedroom without eating all food in the area.
10g's and up; the moment when you lay down in bed and can feel the world rotating.
Person 1: "this shits heavy mannnn. "
Person 2: "what do you mean?"
Person 1: "it's got some major g-forces, you'll feel the earths core making the planet spin."
by Mrex April 23, 2013
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