Dressed with impeccable taste. Usually refering to formal wear.

See also wordGQ or wordclean
I went to the wedding g'd up from the feet up, in hopes of impressing the ladies.
by Hotobu June 30, 2003
Top Definition
Pimped out to the max. Starting with the shoes, most likely Bruno Maglis, to the Zanella slacks, Nat Nat shirt and Kangol brim.
Leon walked into the club g'd up from the feet up. All the women turned their heads his way as he strolled to the bar.
by Erock June 29, 2003
dressed so good when u walk into a club people can only stare
Nene was g'd up from the feet up ll the guys wanted to tap her ass!!!
by Tatyanna July 10, 2003
The act of being clothed in gang related garb.
The term comes from a Snoop Dogg song; "g'd up from the feet up, blue'd up from the shoes up..."
by eric2nice August 11, 2003
some who has dressed as a thug a little too much
damn your g'd up from the feet up! boy your wanna be thug
by jenn June 30, 2003
when a white guy tries to be black or thug, usually never goes to the hood but pretends he is a crip like snoop dogg for shizzle? my nizzle
The white guy g'd up from the feet was shot in the face repeatedly for sayin wut up my niggers.
by asian September 08, 2003
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