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Dressed with impeccable taste. Usually refering to formal wear.

See also wordGQ or wordclean
I went to the wedding g'd up from the feet up, in hopes of impressing the ladies.
by Hotobu June 30, 2003
To vay for position. To "get in good". Putting one's self in a position to succeede, or reap the rewards of some posiitive outcome.
My friend and I both liked the same girl so we were always politicing to see who could get with her first.
by Hotobu June 30, 2003
Difficult times; trials and tribulations. A wordfit caused by a medical condition (usually epilepsy)
I went through an episode getting out of debt.
by Hotobu June 30, 2003
1. Siezure
2. In the midst of going crazy due to extreme anger
3. An action performed by a child that doesn't get his way.
I brought a D home on my reportcard and my parents had a fit.
by Hotobu June 30, 2003
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