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Sound made by an evil purple smurf.
G'nap g'nap!! G'NAP!!!!
by napper August 14, 2004
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Like saying goodnight g'night but instead of a full night's rest, you are taking a nap.
The hike this morning wrecked me, gonna lay down; g'nap.
by Zippiot March 26, 2010
A G-Nap occurs when you nap with your hand on your 'piece' (cock) inorder to provide your penis with some mild touching but ensuring your load is saved for later (perhaps you are saving your load for something such as a party that starts soon or a girlfriend whom you have not seen in some time).
"Damn Jill was coming over in an hour and even though I was hardcore horny I wanted to save it for her so I just took a G-Nap."
"Shit, I betta just take a G-Nap cause that party starts in 2 hours and you know ima hook up wit some of those bitches"
by a dude who has hair September 10, 2004

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