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An acronym for tumblr blog fuckyeahthebetterlife. Its hard to define this one.. Its a lifestyle. If you do Mc dicks runs in an aventador, you'd understand. If you drown in supermodel pussy every weekend and sometimes Thursdays, you'll understand. If you drown in pussy in an aventador, well.. you're living it.
guy 1: Hey bro, how you doing?
guy 2: Good, good.. um.. you have something on your dick..
guy 1: Oh this? It's nothing.
guy 2:It's Megan Fox..
guy 1: What can I say, started following fytbl and this happened.
guy 2: huh.
guy 1: Come Megan, my Aventador is getting impatient.
by JDW69 February 28, 2012
1.An orgasmic blog on that contains quality pictures of girls and cars.

2.Best blog on
Jim:"Hey have you seen fytbl's blog?"

Robert:"Oh yeah bro, who hasn't already?"
by JayWoo February 28, 2012
FuckYeahTheBetterLife is any entrepreneur/hustler operating by means of Tumblr, who be posting better posts than any one person in his or her category.
got twelve followers in one day, "FYTBL" son!

reached 10,000 followers, i be on my "FYTBL" grind.
by whobang February 28, 2012
FYTBL stands for FuckYeahTheBetterLife. It is much more than a simple saying, it is a way of life. A way to live YOUR life. A way to better your life!! Plus who needs YOLO when you have FYTBL. A revolution is coming!
Friend: Hey bro, YOLO!
Me: Wtf?! Thats so two weeks ago!
Friend: What are you talking about?
Me: Dude, its all about FYTBL now!!
Friend: Thats pretty dope!
Me: Fuck Yeah it is; FuckYeahTheBetterLife
by CarpeDiem.Amg- February 28, 2012
(n) The sense of extreme jealousy or admiration of those who live better than yourself.

(v) The act of being awesome, jealous or inspiring; inspiring or making others jealous of your awesomeness
"Dude I was at the mall and this guy walked by with his smoking hot girlfriend and i was totally fytbled."

"After I make my first million dollars, I'm going to make people so fytbl."

"I'm gonna fytbl everyone in my meeting today."
by michael-tyrone February 28, 2012
fytbl is what happens when you take the hottest cars, the hottest women and the best lifestyles of the rich and famous, and put them all on the most magnificent page in history, sexy girls, sexy cars and shit you will never afford, just to give you a taste of the life you've always dreamed, the best life..... the better life, fuckyeahthebetterlife!
"dude did you see that lambo?"
" oh shit! fytbl!"
by February 28, 2012
Fuck Yeah The Better Life: When a person has the ability to live his life to the fullest. He can do anything he want's without permission. Usually has a fancy in amazing cars, watches, money, etc. Also 100% bangable.
Jim: Have you seen Chris around since he won the lottery?
Jamie: Nah, last time I talked to him all he said was "FYTBL"
Jim: Yeah he won the lottery and pretty much bought the company Bentley. Fuck yeah, the better life.
by extremecomesnaturally.tumblr February 28, 2012

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