Nice, Cool, Pretty,something everyone likes
That car really fye.
by D'Ambara August 31, 2006
Top Definition
another word for tight
"That pizza looks Fye"
by Karen May 01, 2003
An adjective that can describe either a person or a thing that one greatly approves of.

Originating from the South, the term fye is simply the word "fire" with a heavy southern accent added. "Fye" and "fire" can be used interchangeably as adjectives in this sense, depending on the preference of the speaker.

See: Hot
Describing a thing:

"Damn, these burgers are FYE!"
"Those kicks are FIRE!"

Describing a person:

"You see that girl over there? She's lookin FYE today."
by Rican Havoc August 24, 2007
Something very good. For proper pronunciation: fire
That's some fye ass macaroni granny made.
by jalonnn December 05, 2008
Atlanta slang for "fire or cool"
Nigga that new Weezy mixtape is fye
by Joycelynn23 October 30, 2009
Fye is a Southern term originated in Kennesaw, GA which is the Ebonics term for words such as fly, fire, cool, nice, awesome, or ballin. The word fye has risen through popularity from rap artist adopting the term into their music.
The beat to this new song is so fye, everyone is dancing to it.
by IamtheATL March 08, 2011
From the word "fire". (Really Hot) Hot means good.
Man, that was a fye song we just recorded!
by King.of.tha.Souf April 04, 2008
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