something or someone being nice,cool,fly,clean sharp
damn that shirt fye
that date was fye
shawty fye
by CaLi93 March 10, 2009
Stands for "fuck your existence"
Person 1: "i love Jacob Sartorius"
Person 2: "FYE"
by The James family July 18, 2016
Fire. Usually used to compliment something.
"He hit the folks, & it was fye as fuck!"
by It's yo mom May 27, 2016
An abbreviation that stands for "For Your Entertainment." A chain of CD and video retail stores.
FYE is A chain of CD and video retail stores
by Bradley Olson November 02, 2004
F.Y.E. stands for "For Your Entertainment". They sell new and used DVDs, CDs, Video Games, and also completely useless garbage that only an idiot would buy.

As of 2011 they are concentrating on Justin Beiber, and his face can be seen plastered on the majority of merchandise around entire stores, where it sits collecting dust.

Their music selection is not very impressive, as most of the music is new pop/rock and rap aimed at kids, so finding anything from 20 or 30 years ago is hard. Also, alot of the CD's and DVD's are extremely over priced.
Needless to say, it's no surprise they have closed alot of locations due to poor sales, and probably won't exist in another 5 years.
F.Y.E. sells CD's for $17.99, what a goddamn rip off, I could get them off of Amazon for 5 bucks. And who the hell needs a dusty pink pillow with Justin Biebers face on it?? No wonder they're slowly going out of business, lol.
by Metalhead83 October 24, 2011
Acronym: For Your Entertainment, Not everyone needs to be informed, but everyone does need to be entertained.
FYE, this is funny
by mikharp May 22, 2009
The name of a store that overprices everything you buy from them. Acronym for Fuck your Economy.
Hey man, I went in for a new CD and came out with no money

Yea bro, that new store's an FYE
by TreeBobJoe November 14, 2009
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