Fuck Yeah Boys!

used to define an extremly happy moment.
DJ Luna is coming to town, FYB!
by HAKS August 04, 2005
Top Definition
Acronym for "fuck you bitch!"
Friend: Sorry, can't meet you tonight. Patricia and I are going to have sex, and, well, that's more important than you.
You: fyb!
by Geoff May 07, 2005
Means "Fuck yo bitch" The act of stealing a man's girlfriend/wife/person they're talking to and fucking, not neccessarily in that order.
"Damn did you heard what happened to Chris Green?"
-Dude 1

"Naw, what happened?"
-Dude 2

"Cam and T-Sqz FYB'd him with his top two females on his team."
-Dude 1

"Damn, haha."
Dude 2
by That Guy and his friend October 22, 2010
Fill Your Boots - inviting someone to go ahead and do something
"Do you mind if I eat the last of the cake?"

"FYB, man."
by Ninjafingerofdoom February 24, 2013
Fuck your bull shit
Chick you're tripping...fybs.
by Macho2r May 02, 2010
Fuck Yeah Bitch! An expression used when something is really exciting, or awesome.
"I'm so glad it's Friday, I'm going to get so drunk tonight"

by mjs82 October 10, 2008
Free Yo Bitch
"Uncuff ya chick brah, its FYB"

"Yo bitch is choosin, jez FYB!!"
by b r e e e e z y July 27, 2009
the term fyb means Fuck Ya Bitches.
whoooo babay! In your face! FYB!
by KrazyKram May 01, 2005

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