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a f***ing waste of time
A slightly less extreme loss than a big fwot
John spent the last 15 minutes on hold waiting to speak to a customer service agent. "What a fwot," he thought.
by Jeff V September 18, 2006
Anachronism for "fucking waste of time". Can be applied to anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime
"Let's get out of this club, it's fwot"

"He didn't call me back. Fwot"
by seamonkey May 08, 2014
Abbreviation for finger food/apps...i.e. "fingers, wings, and other things."
Me and Sean left work for some fwots and a few beers.
by Alexander Czervik August 07, 2003
A sound of frustration usually meaning "darn"
Fwot!!!!! The girl yelled as she dropped her ring into the sewer
by Ryizzle May 11, 2006
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