Flying while Muslim similar to DWB -driving while black
Man fuck this fwm shit -- why you gotta tar the 1.5 billion regular folk just cause some crazy mothafuckers said they muslim and they blew up shit? We aint blame all the italians for the mafia, we aint blame all crime on blacks and hispanics. We don't call crime a 'black problem' like pete king called terrorism a 'muslim' problem.

Nah fuck this fwm - i aint being profiled in my own God damn country!

When someone is Muslim or looks like they could be Muslim (sikhs) and they trying to fly, watch out for the 'random' screening.
by Wmc99rk April 28, 2011
fuck with me.
Its like saying talk to me or get at me.
Yall I'm now on FB so FWM.
Imma text yu later, so FWM.
by darealdude3 July 07, 2010
"Filled With Mirth"

Amusement, esp. as expressed in laughter.

To replace the short hand "LOL" and "haha"
Jim- "Why does the seagull fly over the sea?"

Sally- "IDK, Y?"

Jim-"Because if it flew over the bay it would be called a bagel."

Sally- "FWM!"
by gachzorge February 24, 2012
Friend(s) With Money/Mugga/Mula
I only go to the mall with my FWM's
by Mugga Man July 27, 2009
Disbelief, thinking or knowing someone is lying to you. You better not be lying.
I'll buy your 1970's Pinto for five thousand dollars. You FWM (fuckin wit me).
by Baby Vamp January 29, 2011
Abbreviation for "Fine with me".
It's fwm if you want to drive home.
by bharatman February 08, 2008
Abbreviation for Fuck, or Fucking, With Me

See also: FWY or FWU
You can't come over because your car's out of gas?
Are you FWM? (fucking with me)
by Slowpoke330 August 26, 2008
Fuck Wolf's Mum
Hey John, i'd love to FWM
by Jeremy January 27, 2003

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