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french woods festival

a place with a circus and about 30 performances like theatre otherwise every three weeks. it is awesome and i love it there.

if you go there youre cool.

there are no rules (well no rules that are enforced), sneaking out at night is super easy and nothing is locked so basically from 100 to 600 am the campus is yours to roam. its great there. i <333 it a lot.

are you going back to fwf next summer?
hellz yeah!!
by maria nottelling September 27, 2006
n. paradise
n. escape from reality/home

stands for French Woods Festival (of the performing arts). It is the best performing arts camp ever, with so much to choose from.
To get away from home, I escape to FWF where dreams come true.
by Jessica December 22, 2004
instead of saying friends with benefits, you just say "we're FWF", which means friends who fuck
Ya me and her aren't dating, were just FWF.
by Acarr1989 July 08, 2013
"Friends with Feelings" Close to FWB (Friends with Benefits)
I like him and he likes me, but we're not dating. We're not FWB because we don't do anything but we're FWF.
by kittygoesBANG June 27, 2006
1. Friends with feelings.

2. When two friends like each other but they're not dating because either they don't know they like each other or they aren't in the position to do so.
Person 1: "Are Justine and Jordan dating yet?"
Person 2: "No, they're just fwfs."
by Jordanese November 20, 2015
Flawless White Female: someone that is so perfect and flawless and they are white....

Also applies to being black but that is FBF
Hey did you see that girl?

Yes... she's a FWF
by FlawlessChica May 01, 2013
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