A short term for the words 'Fat Wanker'...
"Jonny you are such a fwanker!"
by Dante3000 January 09, 2004
Top Definition
A wannabe-skater/wangster who also spikes their hair with loads of hair gel, is Irish, and plays football.
Ew, look at that fwanker over there! He's so gross!
by ibekelly November 10, 2008
Not being able to say fuck due to children or parents, so the letter f is put in front of any low key swear word, to let the cool people know that you really did just call someone a 'fucking wanker'. any low key swear word may be used after the letter f.
in english class;

Person a: johny's acting like a total fwanker

Person b: yeah no joke. hey good thing no one actually knows we're hard core swearing right now.

Teacher - didnt hear the word fuck, so continues teaching.
by Rkarly November 25, 2009
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