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3 definitions by Dante3000

Someone who loves themsleves to a piont where they feel unvincible. Think they are a pussy magnet.. they usually stick together.
"Man your such a loveself!"
by Dante3000 January 09, 2004
2 11
A short term for the words 'Fat Wanker'...
"Jonny you are such a fwanker!"
by Dante3000 January 09, 2004
2 15
The annoying shit who learned to run fast from past experiences with niggers, in this case they did catch him hence his squeaky/grating voice.
Thinks he has mates when in fact he is very hated and on many peoples hit list.
"why you scratchin Myers?"... "Because im itchy!"
by Dante3000 January 09, 2004
14 65