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A slang-like term for a person who is in the furry fandom. A person who is a fan of anthropomorphic, or cartoon like animals with human-like characteristics.
Wow! Look at all these fuzzbutts at this convention!
by treydarkk December 13, 2013
affectionate word for furry pets, based on how they like to turn their butts to us, just as if we were cats or dogs.
Look at that silly fuzzbutt, he thinks you're a dog!
by catmomma May 21, 2007
Also known as a raspberry, or in some circles, a "zerbert"...a fuzzbutt is the planting of one's lips on a body part of another...and blowing. Creating a "toot" like sound. Often done to babies' stomachs.
After an intense tickle fight, the momma bear fuzzbutted her cubs stomach.
by puzzlepiece17 March 28, 2012
Jailbait, especially one wearing the short skirt popular this summer
"We were looking for chics but they was all fuzz butts."
by Sarah August 12, 2004

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