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"fucked over". The o can be replaced by a zero (fux0red)
Slashdot linked to my page and my webserver got fuxored.
by Fryth December 27, 2003
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What happens when I'm playing counterstrike and the other guy has a fuckin awp and all I have is a goddam Deagle.
Man, I just got so fuxored. My ass is in tears.
by Panocha007 June 08, 2003
The actual worst use of the word fuck.
"I just slit my ho's throat and got caught by the cops with 3 oz's of weed up my ass, my crack pipe, and the bloody knife."

"shit dude, your fuxored."
by BLOODsexSUGARmagik February 14, 2005
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