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Previous eras' visions of the future.
See the animated film "Metropolis" or the cover of any science fiction novel prior to 2000.

Heard on Radio From Hell, April 8th, 7am hour:
Gina, "It's like a future McDonald's. Doesn't it look like it came from the future?"
Bill, "Or... Or the hip past. You know what I mean, it's kind of retro-y... Back in the 60s, this is what people said the future would look like."
Kerry, "That, uh, future-slash-retro, I love that stuff."
Bill, "Pop-art."
Gina, "Futro."
Kerry, "Futro!"
by IsaacsLaughing April 08, 2011
Someone who is uber l33t hax.
He is totally a futro.
by Seuyt cf January 02, 2008
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