N. A dislexic man or woman who constantly makes mistakes.
He has his shirt on backwards...what a fuster cluck!
by boardcrafter January 04, 2011
Same as Cluster Fuck, a moment of heavy traffic, be it automobiles or a crowd, but able to be used in proper social company (i.e. families, the religious right, etc)
Sorry I'm running late, the 405 is totally Fuster Clucked!
by George Dear October 21, 2008
The realisation by a turkey farmer that his whole 'crop' is going to be wiped out by a virus named after Professor Fust of the West Coast Agricultural University.
Chad: what a total fustercluck man, I've got to get rid of this livestock way before thanksgiving day.
by Murky Ditchwater April 16, 2009
Play on words for the term 'Cluster Fuck'

A move used commonly by abusing the 'Cluster Bomb' weapon found in most Worms-series games such as Worms2, Worms: Armageddon & Worms: Noob Poop Party.
omg that guy just wedged that clussie up me & clusterfucked me bigtime. n00b
by Dodgymat January 18, 2005

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