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Like the word "farther" which denotes a physical advancement of distance, "further" simply denotes advancement to a greater degree. Often confused with "farther" by those who weren't paying attantion in 8th grade grammar.
Steve is being a doofis, and if he takes this issue any further I will open a can of whopass on him.
by Joe December 31, 2004
The bus in which Ken Kesey and his Merry Band of Pranksters rode across America in, in the 60's. It was covered in day-glo paint, and they pranksters would do LSD in it. It is talked about in Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aide Acid Test.
Ken Kesey's Bus Further was covered in day-glo. You were either on the bus, or off it.
by Apollina April 18, 2006
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