A man from youtube who makes strange gutteral noises and plays horror games.
Guy:Dude I just watched markiplier the other day.
Dude:Is that some kind of a show guy?
Guy:Dude,it's a youtuber who plays shit and does funny shit.
by Rex9921 November 14, 2013
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That lovable, pink mustachioed man with the booming sports announcers voice.
An awfully underrated youtuber who happens to know pewdiepie but is still far superior to him.
Mark is know for his habit of being driven to tears by being too frightened or his loud humorous scream.
Mark:"Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and today we will be playing: (insert moderately scary game)"

Viewer:" YYYYYEEEEES!!!!!!!!"

Pewdiepie:"Bro Fist!"

Marks pink mustache:" FUCK OFF"
by The R-Bomb December 26, 2013
An American YouTuber known for his gaming content, as well as his voice. He has been known to show overwhelming gratitude towards his subscribers and fans by creating and posting thank you vlogs, and has also been known to host charity livestreams often during his earlier days.
Mark has collaborated with YouTubers such as PewDiePie, MangaMinx, CaptainSparklez, Yamimash, and LordMinion777 (AKA: Wade), and is fairly well-known for his smooth, announcer-like voice, as well as his love of EgoRaptor.
Markiplier: "Hello, everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to Let's Play.
by Redwake December 06, 2014

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