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A pet regarded as a member of the family - like a person, but with fur.
Lizzie had a birthday party for her dog last November - she treats her like a "furson".
by cohiba1200 October 23, 2005
A person who is extremely hairy
John: "Dude did you see that guy?"
Smith: "What guy."
John: "That furson over there."
by *Random Kid* March 24, 2009
Furson fur·son fur-suhn

a furry animal, whether male female or juvenile, usually a domestic pet. An agbriging of the words furry and person. Primarily used by pet owners and others in reffering to a furry animal as a unique individual. Related words, furple, fursonality.
"My furson really likes the new crispy treats I bought."
by Rob3333 November 03, 2011
A person in a furry story, who is a furry. If the story features only furries and no humans, the term is redundant and essentially the same as "person".
Johnathan, you're the nicest furson I've ever met.
by Crinkles July 27, 2011
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