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Furschnickity (For-shik-ity) means to be uncertain, unsure, undesided about ones view point.

"Dude that girls really cute don't you think?", John said to Tom. "Furschnickity", Tom replied "shes alright".
by Xander Ru'cell May 15, 2007
shitty mid's laced with PCP.
1. yo, that bud was so furschnickity, i was tweekin' balls

2. dude, that blunt was so furschnicked, i thought i was on fire.

3.hey, the bud i got yesterday was furshnicked, on way home i fucked a cat.

4. that weed was so dry, i furschnicked the shit outta it.
by tweekin'balls January 22, 2011