4 definitions by chinesefoodninja

n. matzoh,matzos
-A brittle, flat piece of unleavened bread, eaten especially during Passover.
Seth went to the store to buy some jew bread but came back with herpes.
by chinesefoodninja January 31, 2005
v.The process of sticking raw man meat in a pink taco, hairy or bald.

syn. feeding the fur
Feeding the furburger is a great way to learn about human anatomy and jewlry at the same time. I hear pearl necklaces are back in style this year.
by chinesefoodninja January 31, 2005
n. 1.)A shitty actor/comedian who gets casted for lead roles of straight to video movies, mainly because the original actors didn't sign a contract for any sequels.
2.)A B-actor in general.
There are no charges that exist to punish French Stewart for the crimes which he has committed against film.
by chinesefoodninja February 01, 2005

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