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A combination of the words fun and festivities (or activities). This word can be used to describe an event such as a party or get together.
"I'll call you later to get the details on the funtivities at Ivan's tonight"
by Systemkicks July 01, 2005
An activity that is fun.
Sitting in a car for a long trip is not a fun activity.
So make it a funtivity by playing a game like: I have never or two truths and a lie.
by NonMatt April 19, 2008
Noun- things that are done solely for entertainment value or fun. Specifically used in reference to more than one activity
Example - "we had a day of funtivities yesterday" " what should we do this sunday, make it a day of funtivity?"
by mebdrion August 17, 2009
the act of having fun activities. having fun or doing activities.
making my bed is a funtivity. (not really)

that movie was a funtivity!
by active reality October 02, 2009
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