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the state of being "fun"
i had a funtacular time tonight!
by Ainya February 20, 2008
A sarcastic expression used to describe an experience as being boring or just generally bad

The root words are Fun and Spectacular.
"So, how was taking care of your girlfriend's kid?"
"Oh, it was absolutely funtacular. You should have seen how happy I was when they said I couldn't ride any of the rides with the baby in my arms."
"A baby? Why would she send you to the amusement park with a baby?"
"I have no clue. I guess she thinks babies like sleeping in amusement parks."
"Dude, have you ever considered that she hates you?"
"Yeah... I know... but it's my kid, man."
"Ah shit. That must be funtacular living with her."
by Kieran King February 17, 2008
a word describing something that is way beyond fun. it is the most fun thing ever.
Going to Cedar Point was so funtacular.
by Emuhlee October 16, 2006
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