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A pipe o' fun. Obviously. Also, was going to be the domain name of the best website ever, but some other fucker beat us to it by literally hours. Probably a German porn site by now.
It was going to be great. We were going to become a phenomenon. People were going to talk about funpipie all the time. there would have been a spin-off TV show and everything.
Stay tuned to find out what we call it instead.
"Wow, dude! That site with the English dudes that was going to be called until some German stole the domain name is bitchen'!"
- A person in the know.
by Stooo April 05, 2003
Schlong, Penis, Cock-
A large male sexual organ
She was hangin' on my funpipe
by Andy August 05, 2003
Fun Pipe is a general term for a group of young males aged between 18-30 with a fine appreciation for both drama and metal.
"They're Fun -Pipe" or "They're Fun-Piped" for a growing appreciation
by Coop April 25, 2004
Colon, rectum, asshole
Poop comes out of MY funpipe!
Don't touch anyones funpipe without asking!
Always wash your hands after handling your funpipe.
by Andy August 05, 2003

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