Definitions on urbandictionary tagged with 'funny', usually aren't.
I looked up 'aereilly' on urbandictionary today. It sure earned its 'funny' tag.
by Tropolist April 16, 2009
Fuck, fuck, fuck a duck.
Screw a kangaroo.
69 a porcupine.
Orgy at the zoo.

Fuck, fuck, fuck a duck.
Screw a kangaroo.
Finger an orangutang.
Orgy at the zoo.

Fuck, fuck, fuck a duck.
Screw a kangaroo.
Eat a grape, rape an ape.
Orgy at the zoo.

Fuck, fuck, fuck a duck.
Screw a kangaroo.
Masturbate with a snake
Sunning at the zoo.

Fuck, fuck, fuck a duck
Gently in the ass
Roll around on the ground
Until you cum at last!
You have to read this its funny as.
by copycat May 05, 2005
Crap.Can be used as an insult when saying "you're funny" or "that was funny".
Funniest would mean crappiest.
Funnier would mean crappier.
But if you want to say crappy using this word you must say funnyny (pronounced Fun-nee-nee).
I made a funny!

by ~JvB~ January 21, 2009
something that is humorous..or makes you laugh
she said something funny..
by ShnyThingsAmusMe November 11, 2003
How ugly people get laid.
Person 1: Haha wow, you are so fucking funny!
Person 2: Yeah! and the only reason women sleep with me.

*Puts both thumbs up*
by Cakes and pies! May 22, 2010
beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking

used to compliment loved ones subtly in the presence of people who would be made uncomfortable by it.
"you're funny" to which the receiver of the compliment might reply "you're funny too." People around aren't quite sure which meaning is being used, and so it doesn't make things awkward. :)
by Calix Ara July 29, 2004
1) Of or relating to the state of writing or behaviour that arouses amusement in others.
2) Strange, odd, or queer in a non-homosexually related fashion.
3) A trait that most contemporary comedy shows don't seem to possess.
1) "Your mother" is a generic response guaranteed to deliver amusement in response to any question, no matter how intellectual or complicated.
2) "Not funny ha-ha, funny queer, mmm-hmm." - Karl Childers, Sling Blade
3) "Futurama" is a comedy show that delivers the goods to the audience. "Everybody loves Raymond" doesn't, and few comedy shows these days are capable of producing quality humour in their audience.
by Alhadis January 17, 2006

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